6 Must See VR YouTube Videos

Who said the only way to experience VR was to spend hundreds purchasing games and videos? YouTube has long been a source of free entertainment for many, and now with access to some great VR titles, their library has expanded even further.

There’s something to suit everyone with these videos, so we’ve handpicked the most entertaining. From dining with celebrities to enjoying your favourite cartoons in a virtual world, YouTube is a huge source of weird and wonderful virtual reality experiences.

1. Eating Tacos with Danny Trejos

You didn’t read that wrong, as virtual reality now lets us experience what it’s like to dine with the stars. This video is just the tip of the iceberg for celebrity connections in a virtual world, bringing fans even closer to their beloved stars. This 360-degree 3D experience has you seated alongside the famous actor as he enjoys a meal of tacos.

Keep an eye out in other sections of the shop for Trejos posing as another customer and the cashier. Watch it here:

2. Solitary Confinement

Now you don’t need to commit a horrible crime to experience the jail lifestyle, including a trip to an infamous solitary confinement unit. This 360-degree experience lets viewers witness the inside of a cell that will make even the least claustrophobic among us scared.

This virtual reality experience highlights some of the psychological effects that solitary confinement can have on prisoners, making it both entertaining and educational. With resources such as this available, VR is able to tap into a whole new world of possibilities for education and prevention. Check it out here:

3. Paranormal Activity Interactive Séance

If jail didn’t quite cut it for you, why not scare yourself straight with this interactive séance scene brought to you by Paranormal Activity. Based on the popular horror films, this virtual reality experience lets the viewer take part in a séance with other characters in the hopes of communicating with the dead.

As freaky things begin to happen in the basement, you’re fully immersed in the sight and sound of the action with 360-degree views of the room. Try it for yourself here:

4. Mega Coaster

For a thrill of a different kind, why not transport yourself to a theme park and strap into one of the most unique roller coaster rides you’ll ever experience. Mega Coaster takes viewers to the top of a huge drop as you experience the sounds of fellow riders and get to look around and see the fear on their faces.

With your VR headgear on, this coaster ride will feel as real as possible and may even make you a little dizzy in the process. Enjoy the ride here:

5. Gorillas in the Congo

For those who love a good nature documentary, experiencing one in virtual reality will be a thrill like never before. This Jump video utilises spatial sound and 360-degree views to fully immerse yourself in the Congo and live among the gorillas there.

You’ll be amazed at how up close and personal it feels when viewing and listening to the gorillas and their young, signalling a new era in the way we enjoy nature films. With the in-depth detail of the surrounding jungle, you’ll forget for a minute that you’re watching this unfold on a VR headset. See for yourself here:

6. First Stage Landing on Drone Ship

Like something out of an action movie, only better, this film gives you the firsthand experience of witnessing the Falcon F9 spaceship landing on a drone ship. Filmed during the first time SpaceX successfully landed its ship on a floating vessel, this movie not only provides entertainment but also allows viewers to witness history being made.

This type of VR experience signals how close viewers will get to historical action, meaning future generations can witness an up close and personal account of memorable moments in time. Witness the action here:


VR filmmakers have truly covered all of the bases in terms of interests and genres, especially with these shorts available on YouTube. There are hours of entertainment available for free in a format that most have never witnessed before.

Whether you want to spook yourself out or learn something new about the jungle, your VR headset can make these dreams even more of a reality. Imagine your friends’ intrigue when you tell them you’ve just spent your lunch break with Danny Trejos in a taco joint, it’ll be well worth it.