List of the Best Virtual Reality Companies

The virtual reality world has limitless potential and a number of companies are working hard to create mind-boggling devices to impress customers. Besides gaming, VR is making waves in numerous industries, including real estate, healthcare along with fashion and design.We have compiled a list of the top names in the industry you should be looking out for if you are in search of the best products:


Virtuix understands how true virtual reality cannot be experienced while you are sitting down. The Omni evolves VR to a whole new level as it allows gamers to use their eyes and hands with headsets such as the Oculus Rift and Sixense Stem. The company incorporates panoramic visuals by offering the user head mounted displays.

Omni by Virtuix

Omni’s high-end technology frees gamers from passiveness and seated gameplay, transforming their gaming experience into a highly energetic and interactive battle between players. Omni players can run and walk in 360 degrees, resulting in an interface that works perfectly with just about any game and application that uses a gamepad or keyboard input. The new technology is compatible with mobile devices and PCs.


GoPro has already established a reputable name in the virtual world and has created a product that is a must-have for people who like taking action shots. The device can also be installed in a drone aircraft, allowing users to take stunning shots.

Now, the company is working to create 360-degree immersive content for various purposes. GoPro currently makes the world’s most versatile cameras and is a game-changer in the world of virtual reality, making camera mounts that can fit in as many as 16 cameras.


The reputable company is going strong on the VR front. Sony’s new VR headset seamlessly combines content with hardware, making it a top choice among players. One can also not ignore how the Sony’s VR headset is available for less than the Oculus. Sony’s amazing VR experience allows people to enjoy a 360-degree view and the ability to walking through different environments.

PS 4 VR Headset White/Black Color

Its games, such as Dead Secret, Golem and Valkyrie, have been immensely popular in this infant technology. When it comes to innovation and creating an amazing product, Sony is almost neck in neck with the best, especially when it comes to technical specs. People have high hopes and there is no denying Sony is indeed a frontrunner in the gaming world.


You are probably already aware of how Mark Zuckerberg and his crew created the Oculus Rift. The intriguing yet incredibly expensive device is a great development for technology. Essentially, Zuckerberg wanted to create a device where people could use Facebook and surf the web while extending their virtual experience. His ideas led to the Oculus Rift that is now commonly used for gaming and entertainment.


Alphabet is the holding company of Google which is why it is on this list. It has power over several distribution channels, owns YouTube and has produced Google Cardboard. Off to a great start, Alphabet is making waves and is slowly gaining popularity.

Google Cardboard Compatible With Any Smartphone

Virtual Reality is an important focus of Alphabet, with some of the most talented developers on board, including Clay Bavor and Scott Brook. At present, the company is rumored to be developing a standalone headset that does not need a computer of any sort. Featuring outward facing cameras, the device is expected to be versatile, portable and not to mention, one of its kind.


Ambarella is a new product line designed for virtual reality. Its S5 chip not only offers low-light processing but also a 360 de-wrap. The amazing product gives Ambarella an indispensable status and is of great use to creators of original VR content.

Ambarella focuses on a VR experience that is completely unique and different from other gaming and electronic platforms. The technology focuses on realism and minimizes interruptions, highlighting each individual component, making the experience more user-friendly and smooth, which is important for a headset.


If you are wondering if Apple really is party of the virtual world, the answer is yes. Just a few months ago, speculation was rife that Apple’s secret team is working on virtual and augmented reality projects.

They are expected to release a device or headset similar to Google Cardboard. Last year, Apple acquired a VR firm called Metaio that creates virtual catalogs for Ikea. Apple is also working on a new development for Apple TV that provides headset-free VR experience to users in the form of 360-degree videos.

VR Compatible Apple Tv

Through the new app, Littlestar, Apple TV viewers can access several programs, including Dancing with the Stars, Jailbreak and Interrogation, drastically improving one’s experience when it comes to watching their favorite TV shows. Now, you may also be wondering about VR for Apple TV gaming. While it is certainly in development, the video market seems to be expanding and experts are sure Apple has something great in store for its users.

Advanced Micro Device

This company is famous for making high-end graphic processors that is pretty much what brings life to VR experience. AMD mainly works with Oculus Rift in designing amazing content and high-resolution games. It utilizes the latest iteration, LiquidVR that enables developers to create the smoothest immersion they can.

These are some of the biggest and most well-known virtual reality companies today. If you are a tech-geek or simply love collecting the best gadgets in town, you should follow these big names. Due to its immense popularity and wide array of applications, we can certainly expect the launch of bigger and even better virtual reality companies in the future.