Best VR Apps For Exercise

Virzoom wants to make you sweat, and they think virtual reality will help get you there.


The Virzoom platform is based on an existing exercise bike design that's already sold at volume, especially overseas, but they worked with the manufacturer to make it more hospitable for this particular software and your movement in virtual reality.

Immersion is what makes VR so great, and what could be better than a fully immersive VR workout that makes you feel like you're somewhere else entirely? We've seen examples of total VR immersion workout kits, like rowing kits with Holodia's Holofit software, but setting something up at home you can use with your VR gear is another matter entirely.

VirZOOM Folding VR Bike Controller

VirZOOM is a folding VR bike controller with integrated sensors that measure your pedaling speed. The faster you pedal in the real world, the faster you move in the virtual world. Steer by leaning your body to each side. Action buttons, triggers and d-pad on the handlebars enable advanced game-play.

VirZOOM further upped its exercise cred by announcing integration with Fitbit, through the Works with Fitbit program. The integration means that you are given credit for your VR bike rides directly in your Fitbit app, where each session is logged as a workout, and includes duration, distance pedaled and calories burned. You can further augment the experience by wearing a heart-rate-enabled Fitbit device; if you do, the Fitbit heart rate data will also be captured in your exercise log in the Fitbit app.

The affordability of the VZ Sensor makes what VirZOOM is trying to do a lot more accessible to people looking to giving their workouts a gaming twist. The only downside is you have to hold a controller in your hand while you ride to play some of the games (the VZ bike has built-in controllers). Those tank canons aren't going to fire themselves, after all.