What Is The Best VR Gaming Headset?

2016 has certainly been the year of virtual reality headsets, whether it is the PlayStation VR or the Oculus Rift. Many companies are gearing up to provide consumers the best VR reality experience ever. Developers are now using this new technology to create mind-blowing experiences and revolutionize the world of gaming and entertainment.

But it all comes down to one question: what are the best VR headsets in the market and which one should you buy? To help you make a decision, we have compiled a list of the most incredible devices in the industry:

VR Box Virtual Reality

If you want to add a little bit of extra excitement to your boring smartphone and want to lose yourself in the world of virtual reality, we suggest you invest in VR’s box amazing 3D VR headsets and glasses. What’s best is this device is available at an affordable rate hence it can be enjoyed by anybody.

The headset is compatible with most iPhone models and Android devices. The library contains about 300 virtual reality apps which can be accessed via both Apple Store and Google Play so you have a lot of games and apps to choose from.

  • Includes Bluetooth Remote: The awesome VR headset features a Bluetooth remote so you need not worry about removing your glasses or ruining your gaming experience to use any function buttons. Apart from Bluetooth function, the remote has multiple applications and can be used for controlling the gamepad, wireless mouse and selfie shutter.
  • Compatible with Most Modern Devices: The VR Box Virtual Reality Headset is compatible with most modern devices, including iPhone and Android models.
  • Affordable Price: The best thing about this headset is it costs just over $20 with the Bluetooth remote


  • Offers sufficient optical adjustment
  • Holds phone firmly
  • ​Solid build
  • ​Features a comfy face cushioning
  • ​Includes a key-ring sized game controller for added convenience
Gaming VR Headset


  • Difficult to remove camera panel
  • Despite the cushioning, some users found the VR Box Virtual Reality uncomfortable to wear


The VR Box Virtual Reality may not be as cool as the other high-end devices but it certainly delivers what it promises. The headset is well made and does not have any wobbly or loose parts, hence the device feels pretty solid. For its nominal price, the VR Box Virtual Reality is perfect for gamers who do not want to break the bank but want to enjoy VR gaming as well.

HTC Vive

On a pricier note, the HTC Vive is every gamer’s dream and will guarantee you the best VR experience in town. The high-end device allows you to enjoy all kinds of killer content while offering you the best gaming experience there is.

  • Wireless Controllers: The HTC Vive comes with two magical wireless and rechargeable controllers that are bound to improve your virtual reality experience.
  • Safety Features: Gamers are known to get carried away when they are immersed in the world of virtual reality. Luckily, the device features a chaperone safety system to keep you from harm’s way by connecting you to the real world. This reduces the risk of accidents, bumping into objects and greatly improves your VR experience.
  • Plugs into PC: The HTC Vive is compatible with PCs and can work with a huge gaming ecosystem. It is packed with 70 sensors and also offers a 360-degree head tracking feature to enhance your gaming experience.
Full Htc Vive VR System


  • Contains safety features unlike other models
  • Screen can be adjusted according to the user’s preference
  • ​Can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth
  • Can be used while walking around in a room, enhancing the experience


  • Much bulkier and heavier as compared to other devices
  • Complex setup and installation process
  • ​Gamers require space to use the headset for a more immersive experience – not suitable for people living in tiny apartments and homes
  • May not be comfortable because of the bulky design


Yes, it’s pricy but the HTC Vive is sure to provide you the best gaming experience. On the downside, it only features free mini games hence gamers will have to invest more money if they want to play the best games.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is a sleek, well-crafted device that was termed as “the future of entertainment” when it was first launch. What’s more is that the device features an advanced display technology that immediately transports users into another world. With the ability to enjoy a range of games and watch views, the Oculus Rift is indeed a full entertainment system.

  • Comfortable Cushioning: Every aspect of the Rift was designed to improve the user’s experience. The comfortable headset features a stunning design that is sure to make heads turn.
  • Tons of Games: Users can download and choose from a large variety of games, ranging from sci-fi, puzzle game, action RPG – you name it.
  • Includes Xbox One Controller: The incredibly handy device includes an amazing Xbox One Controller to enhance your gaming experience.
Man Testing Oculus Rift Goggles


  • Lightweight and features a sleek and stylish design
  • Includes a pair of awesome, removable headphones
  • ​Features 360-degree head tracking option
  • ​Easy setup and installation process
  • ​Includes 2 free complete games that are a lot of fun to play
  • Suitable for all kinds of living conditions


  • Screen cannot be adjusted hence users may face problems
  • Cannot be connected to the phone to answer or receive calls and text messages
  • ​Less immersive experience and is designed to be played while sitting down
  • Does not have any safety measures to protect gamers from tripping or running into furniture


For its affordable price, the Oculus Rift is a must-have for gamers who do not want to spend a small fortune on a VR headset. On the downside, the headset can only be operated when it is connected to the PC and does not connect to a cell phone.