Chenci 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses

Enjoy 3D movies and virtual reality games with this handy device which plugs straight into your smartphone. Chenci 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses can transport users to another time and place just by slotting your smartphone in.

With over 300 apps and games available on the Google Play and Apple Store, you can turn your smartphone into a high-tech gadget that lets you experience the latest virtual reality craze. Whether it’s gaming or movies, there are hours of entertainment available all in the palm of your hand

A Universal VR Viewer

This handy headset from Chenci works with both iPhone and Android models with screen size capability of 4.0 – 6.5 inches. With such a wide range of sizes available to fit with the glasses, you can easily share the device with your friends and family so they can witness the magic of virtual reality too.

Chenci 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses With Smartphone

For those concerned with comfort, Chenci VR 3D Glasses come equipped with a protecting foam layer which provides padding for your nose and face. The adjustable straps are comfortable to wear and easy to adjust, making these glasses suitable for any size.

These glasses were designed with a range of users in mind, young and old, and have an adjustable focal and pupil setting to enhance your 3D viewing experience. An added bonus, those who wear spectacles are still able to wear these glasses as well, so there’s no need to miss any of the action.


• This headset has a wide range of 4.0 – 6.5”, making it one of the most versatile VR glasses on the market.
• The ability to wear glasses while using this device is extra handy for users with vision problems, as many other brands don’t allow the extra space for spectacles.
• One of the most comfortable VR headsets available, with the cushioning not pinching your nose as other brands can.


• Retailing at over $25, this is one of the most expensive sets of virtual reality glasses available.
• When using the hands-free mode with the face strap, this device can get uncomfortable. It’s not ideal for watching long movies or gaming for more than half an hour at a time.


The Chenci 3D VR Glasses are a great choice for those looking to dip their toes into the world of virtual reality. Although priced a few dollars higher than comparable brands, they do have a couple of added bonuses.

Chenci 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Beautiful Design

Firstly, the ability to use these glasses while wearing your own spectacles sets them apart. This means that this device is great for all ages and not just those with good eyesight. Although the face strap makes viewing uncomfortable, when using it in the handheld mode it’s one of the most relaxed devices available.

With over 300 games and apps available to both iPhone and Android users, this headset can open up a whole new world of entertainment. To get your pair of Chenci 3D VR Glasses and transform your smartphone into a virtual viewer, click here.

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