Essential Reality P5 Gaming Glove

For serious gamers who want to take their virtual reality experience to the next level, the Essential Reality P5 Gaming Glove can get you there. This sleek glove allows users to perform a range of different moves and activities that just weren’t possible before.

When gaming in virtual reality, having an extension of your hand that moves as swiftly as you do is important. The P5 Gaming Glove allows users to pick up objects, hold a sword, or fight attackers to immerse yourself fully in a lifelike environment.

A Classic Device for VR

As one of the first widely available 3D controllers, this virtual tool works well with a range of different PC based games. It’s extremely lightweight which makes it great for intuitive play and has been ergonomically designed to allow for comfort during use. The glove features an infrared control receptor with an anti-reflective and scratch resistant lens so it’s built to last.

Essential Reality P5 Gaming Glove Mouse Like Buttons

The Essential Reality P5 Gaming Glove is mouse-mode compatible with most applications and works well in virtual gaming environments. As an early virtual reality device, this gaming glove stands up well today against other new brands in the market.


• When on sale for $20 – $30, this glove is great value for money. Compared to similar devices available today, it still works well with most modern games played on the PC.
• The design of all the function buttons has been thought out well, as there’s the option to click and move your fingers in certain combinations to trigger moves.
• Having a scratch resistant lens makes it very durable, and it will last for many years of gaming.


• The technology used to make this gaming glove is now very old, and this is evident when you try to use the glove for modern titles.
• Can be a little bulky and uncomfortable to wear for long periods, making it not ideal for intense gaming sessions.
• More suited to flight simulators and virtual reality therapy, as it’s not succinct enough to perform moves and sequences found in first person shooters.


For the very serious gamer who likes the most modern devices and systems, the Essential Reality P5 Gaming Glove is probably not ideal. As the device is now over 10 years old it can show its age with how smoothly it works.

Essential Reality P5 Gaming Glove Palm Design

While the functionality and buttons have been carefully considered, the actual feel of the glove isn’t that comfortable. After an hour or so, it becomes very restricting which makes it hard to perform moves. For a gamer, this is not an ideal scenario. This glove works best with PC games and is fully USB compliant, so it’s best to not try with other devices.

If you can find the product on sale as it normally is, and not retailing at the standard $100 mark, then it’s great value for money. Although it may be an older device, it still gets the job done and adds entertainment to your gaming. To try the Essential Reality P5 Gaming Glove in your next virtual adventure, click here to buy.

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