ETVR 3D VR Headset With Remote Controller

Mobile virtual reality is finally here! With our ETVR Virtual Reality Glasses, you can watch the best shocking movies in your own private cinema, turn 360 degrees, travel around the virtual world, simulated Lunar, Mars, Seaside, Jurassic Park and other panoramic scenes, you can also experience the roller coaster, live CS, big swing clock and other exciting games without going out of the house. Let ETVR Satisfied what you want!

Multiple Protection Phone

* Built-in four anti phone scratch rubber pad
* Built-in adjustable and fixed phone slider
* Built-in a steel plate to hold the mobile phone and assist heat dissipation
* 35°half-open mobile phone anti-break cover design

About The Product

  • Real 3D VR Viewer: Fully Immersive 120-Degree Bigger Viewing Angle Fit for Regular 4.5-6.2 Inches Large Screen Smartphones. ETVR has been imitated but never been beyond
  • Innovative Design ahead of other VR Headsets, MORE LIGHTER & MORE COMFORTABLE, quality adjustable straps for flexible wearing and deepened nasal bridge portion, no paining noses, provide you longer virtual reality experience
  • Users & Smartphones Friendly Tight Hook Style External Cover Design, black metal stand for smartphones holding and Soft Anti-slide Rubber Pads inside , multiple way for your phone protection

The perspective of VR glasses refers to the screen angle can be seen when viewing, the wider viewing angle, the larger viewing screen. A larger viewing angle can give a better sense of 3D immersion.

ETVR with 120° wide viewing angle design, closer to the real perspective of the human eyes, with a more realistic 3D experience; and ordinary VR glasses viewing angle only 80°- 110°.

ETVR Virtual Reality Headset using Japan's Optical Grade PMMA Ergonomic Aspherical Anti-blue Lenses, is currently one of the world's most excellent quality lenses of the same type of lens. Compared with other ordinary VR lens, ETVR lens not only to provide clearer picture quality and more saturated colors, but also to minimize the viewing of eyes pressure. Anti-blue coating on the lens surface, greatly reduce the stimulation of the eye viewing, watching for a long time will not produce dizziness, vomiting, eye discomfort and other adverse reactions.