PlayStation 4 VR

Set to be a serious contender with the popular Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the PlayStation 4 VR system is due for release in October 2016. Already marketed significantly lower than previous devices and with the ability to game straight from your Playstation, many people are already paying attention to this revolutionary machine.

So how will the PlayStation 4 VR differ from these current systems and what will it offer users? Here are the main points of interest for PS4 fans and what they can hope to see with this new wave of virtual reality.

The PS4 Virtual Reality Headset

The headset itself has a sleek and futuristic black and white look, veering away from the dark styles we’ve seen with the Rift and Vive. This headset is very different to the other current systems as it runs completely from the PlayStation 4, meaning gamers don’t need to shell out for an expensive computer.

Man Wearing VR Headset

It has a 5.7 inch 1080p OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate and a 100-degree field of view. Similar to the Rift and Vive, the PlayStation VR uses curved lenses to stretch the 5.7-inch screen to cover your field of vision. While it isn’t as high resolution as the other systems, there isn’t much difference. The screen of the PS4 VR is incredibly crisp and bright when displaying games.

The PS4 VR uses sensors just like the Vive that allow the user to look around in the virtual world by turning their head. The headset itself is also set to be more comfortable than the comparable systems with a basic headband and rubber eyepieces which can be worn over glasses. An added bonus with this device is that your goggles remain free from fog which was a problem with some other systems.

PS4 VR Headset Price

The headset for PS4 is marketed at $399, according to CNET, making it hundreds of dollars cheaper than both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Playstation hoped to tap into this midrange market that perhaps couldn’t afford the more expensive machines but who also wanted more than the Google Cardboard could offer.

Another aspect which can save users some money is the fact that this device only relies on a PlayStation 4 to run, unlike others which require state of the art computers with high-end specifications. As many gamers already own a Playstation 4, this means no additional costs will be worn by the users.

One downfall with the PlayStation 4 VR system, though, is what’s included in the price. While it is significantly lower at $399, all that you receive for this is the headset and relevant cables. Gamers will need to purchase controllers separately if they don’t already own these.

Similar to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, this system will also come in a bundle package with the PlayStation 4 if needed. However, this will increase the price again to around the $700 range. Although it may seem expensive, this is still cheaper than the cost of the Vive alone without the necessary PC.

PS4 VR Gaming

While all of the games for the PS4 virtual headset VR system have yet to be announced, Sony promises that there will be an impressive selection. Their current prediction is that there will be 50 launch games available, both a mix of VR demos which we’re familiar with and new titles such as Star Wars Battlefront, which appears so far to be exclusive to this system.

Playing PS 4 Games with VR Gear

As Sony are no strangers to gaming, fans of their Playstation devices are confident that the company will deliver. The official website for the PS4 VR has a list of current games being launched such as Eve: Valkyrie, RIGS Mechanised Combat League, and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

Actual gameplay with the PlayStation 4 VR system allows users to connect both a TV and the headset at the same time so that others can see some of what you’re playing. This also means that there are multiplayer options available with some games.

PS4 VR Controllers and Devices

The controllers in the PlayStation VR package include a DualShock 4 gamepad for use with a range of titles, the PlayStation Move wand which simulates your hand and arm movements, and a PlayStation camera that follows everything.

These controllers will all be familiar to PlayStation fans as they were introduced with its PS3 console many years ago, however if you don’t already own them you’ll need to purchase each one separately.

Developers at Sony have hinted to other ways that users might enjoy virtual reality with their PS4 VR system outside of gaming, including taking a trip to Mars or inspecting a hotel room before booking. In addition, the ability to visit the worlds that are mentioned in books and movies has been promised as another way that VR could change the way we entertain ourselves.

These kinds of innovations are one of the reasons why Sony still enjoys its status as one of the top electronics developers, with many more exciting plans to be announced at launch.

The Verdict

Sony is well known for its ability to please customers with their gaming systems and electronics, so the PlayStation 4 VR system should be no different. It appears already that this system offers some additional extras that were missing from its competitors, including a heavily reduced price, which will make it even more enticing to gamers.

PS 4 VR Box

Sony has already promised over 50 games at the launch this year, and if they’re able to deliver then it will have an impressive range to choose from. There is also talk of social apps and other entertainment available from this device, making it more than just a gaming system.

With improved comfort, greater affordability, and the trusted name of Sony behind it, this device is shaping up to be a serious contender in the race for best virtual reality system of 2016. Provided that Sony is ready to release it at the promised date of October, there’s nothing stopping the success of this machine.