Sunnest Portable 3D VR Glasses Case Handheld Lens Cover

This unique approach to viewing virtual reality comes in the form of a handheld lens cover for your iPhone. Rather than wearing a bulky headset, users are able to experience the wonder of VR with this simple handheld device.

With a special scratch resistant lens cover these glasses are protected from damage, and the lens cover keeps them free from harm when not in use. This handy device is not only a VR viewer but also a phone case too.

Quality Materials

The high definition optical lenses are made from resin, meaning they can protect the user from feeling dizzy or disoriented as is common with 3D experiences. For an added bonus, the resin and all other material used are environmentally friendly too.

Sunnest Portable 3D VR Glasses Lenses

Sunnest Portable 3D VR Handheld Glasses are lightweight, compact, and simple to carry around wherever you go. By using a handheld VR viewer, you’re able to still interact with the outside world and stay aware of your surroundings. This ensures users remain safe at all times but still get to enjoy the 3D viewing from their iPhone.


• These glasses are great for anyone who might be travelling on public transport and would like to stay aware of their surroundings for safety.
• Sunnest Portable 3D VR Glasses are extremely lightweight so you can carry them anywhere. There’s even the option to keep them attached to your phone at all times, making them a durable phone case as well.


• Because this device is handheld and doesn’t wrap around your entire field of vision, you do lose some of the immersion aspects that make virtual reality so lifelike.
• Only compatible with iPhone 6, this device is fairly limited in the range of devices it works with.
• As they’re handheld, it can become uncomfortable if you’re holding the device yourself and watching lengthy movies.


For a basic introduction into the world of virtual reality, the Sunnest Portable 3D VR Glasses would be the product for you. While they don’t give the full immersive experience of wearing a headset and blocking out the outside world, this does give the user added safety if viewing in public.

This device is extremely lightweight so it’s possible to carry them with you everywhere. Their unique design means that you can keep them attached to your phone at all times as they come with a cover to protect the lens and will also double as a phone case too.

Sunnest Portable 3D VR Glasses Back Side

As they’re only compatible with iPhone 6, they are fairly limited in which phones they would suit. If they’re being shared between friends or family you’ll likely need to purchase your own set. However, if you have the right iPhone then setup and use are incredibly easy to do.

Priced at around $13, they’re an affordable and fun way to experience virtual reality games, apps, and videos, and can provide hours of fun.To pick up your own pair of Sunnest Portable 3D VR Glasses, follow this link.

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