The Best VR Gaming Titles of 2016

With such a new market and technology, VR gaming is still a burgeoning area. Even though the popular gaming devices Oculus Rift and HTC Vive were released in 2016, that doesn’t mean their game selection is limited.

Developers of each VR gaming system regularly provide new updates and downloads for their systems, so it’s just a matter of finding the genre that you like best and being patient as the new episodes are released.

Virtual reality games include everything from classic puzzles, arcade, adventure, and first person shooters. As the popularity of these devices grows, so too will the impressive library of games to go with it.

Amazed Man with VR Gear on Head

Each platform offers its own unique brand of games, some superior to others. Whether you like small scale gaming on your Google Cardboard or want to step it up a notch to the HTC Vive and use the entire room to play, there are some truly awesome titles for each.

So far in 2016 we’ve seen a few VR video games that seem hard to beat, so here are the best choices for your enjoyment.

Fantastic Contraption

Available on: HTC Vive

For the engineer in all of us, Fantastic Contraption is an enthralling game that uses a lot of brainpower to play. However, once you get the hang of how to work it, it’s extremely addictive and a whole lot of fun.

This game requires the player to get through a set of challenges by building different machines with a variety of materials. Once built, you must fling, push or throw the machines to complete each stage. Where virtual reality makes this even more exciting is the ability to use your own hands and body to construct said machines and give them their final push to victory.

Modeled after a popular puzzle game from 2008, the Vive version of this PC classic offers the player so much more than before. Designed from its initial stages specifically for room-scale VR, this game was built especially for the Vive. The best part is, that when playing Fantastic Contraption there are no right or wrong ways to solve the challenge, making it the ideal pick for those who like to get creative.

EVE Valkyrie

Available on: Oculus Rift

EVE Valkyrie is set to define multiplayer gaming as we know it, bringing a whole new spin to online gaming. As you hop aboard your spaceship to begin training, you’re guided by a female pilot who teaches you the basics of how to operate and defend yourself before heading off into the multiplayer universe.

Playing EVE Valkyrie on PC with VR Headset

When playing with others this game it’s thrilling and intense, as you find yourself involved in serious battles with other players. The magic of virtual reality allows you to fully immerse yourself in the story and the game, by making you feel as though you really are captain of your own ship.

EVE: Valkyrie signals the start of something amazing for VR gamers, as the ability to operate your own ship through a never-ending universe from the comfort of your lounge room is something we only dreamt about before. This game puts the player in full control and lets you get lost completely in this virtual world.


Available on: Samsung Gear VR

The list of best games wouldn’t be complete without some classic arcade action. Darknet is a strategy based title that is reminiscent of simpler times of gaming. However, added with the effects of virtual reality it creates a whole new level of excitement.

The premise of the game has you computer hacking through a range of networks, working on one node at a time. As you make your way through the system, each vulnerable network is shown as spheres which you must take over one at a time. As you inject the virus into each sphere you’ll need to beat the antivirus program used by the computer before they destroy your plans.

If the hacking theme doesn’t seem to impress you, fans of a good strategy or puzzle game will enjoy it nonetheless. It’s intense, suspenseful, and hours of addictive fun.

Bomb Squad VR

Available on: Google Cardboard

With over 300 awesome games and apps available currently for Cardboard, it was pretty hard to pick a standout game. However, Bomb Squad proved its worth by providing entertainment for both solo and multiplayer in a fun and addictive fashion.

This arcade style adventure takes players through a range of fun challenges, mini-games, and activities that encourage you to not only win but also blow stuff up. With awesome ragdoll physics from the main characters, you can spend hours getting lost in this entertaining world.

Whether you want to play hockey or a quick game of capture the flag, there’s the option to do it with friends as well using the special multiplayer option. There’s non-stop explosions and fun to be had, provided you have an additional controller at the ready.

BombSquad VR Game

Final Thoughts

With some great titles available on each of the different platforms, your choice for which system is best to game on comes down to personal preference. Before buying your VR system, think about the genres you like best and what each machine offers to improve the gaming experience.

VR gaming offers players a truly immersive experience with their games, allowing them to control the main characters with special sensors or simply get a 360-degree view of their surroundings. Whichever system you choose, it’s clear that they can offer so much more than traditional gaming platforms.

Choosing the best virtual reality game would be a pointless task as gamers know there’s something to suit every niche. However, these top picks show great promise for virtual reality and open up a whole new world of possibilities for gaming and digital media in the future.