True Depth 3D VR InfernoTM Ultimate Experience

For the most immersive experience possible with virtual reality, the True Depth 3D VR InfernoTM kit has everything you could ever need. Not only is there state of the art virtual goggles included, but you also get a Bluetooth gamepad, magnet control, and high-quality wireless headphones too.

This set offers so much more than the standard cardboard style VR glasses and is ideal for gamers. Compatible with both iPhone and Android phones from 4.0 – 6.0 inches, users are able to select from over 300 games and apps online to enjoy their True Depth kit and immerse themselves completely in these virtual worlds.

The Full Package

The wireless headphones are great for both movies and gaming, and no annoying cables sticking out mean your phone stays bulk-free so you can move around freely. They connect through Bluetooth to any device allowing for a fully immersive experience.

This kit offers everything a gamer could ever need with a gamepad and headphones, meaning there’s no need to attach any additional wires to your smartphone to enjoy.

True Depth 3D VR InfernoTM With Headphones And Gamepay

Your smartphone loads in easily with a pull out compartment and the breakaway cover lets you use your phone camera anytime you need. True Depth 3D really have thought of everything for the ultimate gaming experience.


• As this is a complete kit, there’s no need to attach any annoying controllers, headphones or other wires to your phone which adds to the virtual experience.
• The make and durability of each part in this set are quite strong, and it feels as though it’s quality construction.
• Fully wireless and Bluetooth compatible, gaming with the True Depth 3D VR InfernoTM is a hassle free experience.


• Although the holder is compatible with both Android and iPhone, the gamepad in this set will only work with Android phones.
• This device offers a very narrow field of view when either gaming or watching movies which can be very distracting from what you’re doing.
• The headphones aren’t the best quality, so users may find they want to plug their own set in.


This product was advertised to both Android and iPhone users when in reality it should only be for Android. The attachments are only compatible with Android, making the whole set almost useless for an iPhone user. However, if you do have the compatible phone then having this complete kit available with a wireless Bluetooth connection makes gaming and entertainment very easy.

True Depth 3D VR InfernoTM Front Design

The overall construction of each piece was strong, although the headphones didn’t offer the best sound. The lack of volume meant that it was hard to completely immerse yourself in the virtual world which took away from some of the magic.

If serious gamers are looking for a complete kit that offers both a controller and headphones, it might be best to purchase these separately. However, if you want an affordable way to enjoy the different aspects of virtual reality then this kit is for you. Check out the True Depth 3D VR InfernoTM here to see for yourself.

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