UniFane 3D VR Headset Glasses

If you’re looking to jump on board with the virtual reality craze, this is the product for you. UniFane 3D VR Headset Glasses make enjoying virtual worlds easy as you just plug them into your smartphone and go.

These VR glasses have been specially fitted with anti blue light tempered glass which offers you the best protection available for your eyes. This blue light ensure there’s no glare which can cause damage to your eyes and prevent dizziness while using the goggles.

The UniFane 3D glass is made from the best quality ABS and resin lens materials which lower the distortion rate within the goggles. Resin is ideal for making sure users don’t feel dizzy or fatigued while wearing these glasses and the material is also environmentally friendly.

The Full Package

UniFane 3D VR Headset Glasses fit most modern smartphones, with a recommended size of 4.7” – 6.0”. This covers many phones including iPhone 6s, 6, 6Plus, 5c, and 5s, as well as most Android models.

UniFane 3D VR Back

This kit comes equipped with your 3D VR headset, a cleaning cloth, user manual, and anti-ray film protection glass. With access to over 300 virtual reality apps, movies, and games available on the Google Play and Apple Store you won’t know where to start when trying out your virtual reality glasses.


• These glasses are a cheap and effective way to experience virtual reality from your smartphone without having to spend hundreds on an expensive system.
• They’re very lightweight and comfortable for the user, meaning you could spend hours viewing films or playing games.


• While the phone can fit 4.7” – 6.0” this range isn’t quite as diverse as other comparable glasses on the market, meaning they don’t fit as many models of smartphone.
• This headset does not have a function button on it, so users will need to start the video or game first using their phone and then connect it to the goggles.


While it may not have the range of other models to fit more sizes of phone in, it does provide for the majority of popular types today. These glasses were a comfortable fit and they provided everything that was needed for a virtual experience with your smartphone.

UniFane 3D VR On Head

Well priced at under $20, these are a quick and affordable way to enjoy over 300 virtual reality apps and movies that are sure to change the way you look at digital entertainment forever.

One complaint is that the headset isn’t fitted with a function button, so you may need to rush getting your phone connected and the goggles on your head after pressing the play button on your device. However, this is a fairly common design on most cheaper VR glasses. To kickstart your virtual reality journey and immerse yourself in another world, get a pair of these UniFane 3D VR Headset Goggles here.

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