VR Adult: Games, Apps, and Movies

As pornography and adult entertainment are some of the most lucrative and popular forms of internet content, it makes sense that game developers are now trying to link the industry with the growing world of virtual reality.

Although some virtual worlds have existed for almost as long as the internet has, this new wave of technology is changing the way that adults experience virtual reality. Due to the fact that this technology is still fairly new, there are many more developments to be made.

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Currently, virtual reality pornography is experiencing a lot of interest. New advancements in teledildonics and VR mean that in the future, adults will be able to feel these simulated encounters and not just see them. With that type of technology, there’s no telling where adult virtual reality is heading.

Why is Adult Virtual Reality Poised to Be so Popular

Virtual reality porn websites have already taken off, with a number of videos now available for those who have a device. These videos allow users to watch a movie while wearing a VR headset to allow them to fully immerse in the experience.

This type of experience creates an added thrill compared to watching your standard 2D movie, and allows the user to feel a more personal experience. By immersing themselves completely in the moment, viewers may even be fooled into thinking it’s real some of the time.

People enjoy games and virtual worlds for many reasons other than pure entertainment. These virtual games allow us to try new things or experience situations without lasting consequences, something we could never get away with in real life.

Adult Virtual Reality Games

While still a growing market, there are a few popular adult virtual reality games available and some launching soon. These games allow players to enjoy exciting encounters which they might normally not have in their everyday lives, without ever having to leave the comfort of their home.

One of the most famous virtual games is World of Warcraft, where users immerse themselves completely into a fictional realm of characters and situations. This game has created many addicted users, forcing World of Warcraft Addicts Anonymous groups to begin to form.

These types of adult virtual reality games which allow users to represent themselves in a virtual world as an avatar were popular well before the new VR systems of 2016, so their popularity is likely to increase even further now.

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Second Life was another of the adult virtual reality hits and still remains one of the most played today. The reason that this game gained so much attention was that it provided an outlet that allowed people to create an entirely new persona to their current one and form real and meaningful relationships with others.

Now compatible with Oculus Rift, Second Life has become even more realistic for gamers. Users of this game even have careers and incomes within the virtual world, so for many it is more of a real life than their non-virtual one.

In 2015, a report on Business Insider showed that between the 900,000 active users a month, Second Life generated $60 million in GP. The entire Second Life world had a virtual economy of $500 million in GDP annually too. With figures like this, it’s easy to see just how popular virtual reality worlds for adults are.

The Future of Adult Virtual Reality

With the visual aspect of virtual reality porn now available, developers are currently working with teledildonics to add touch and feel to this experience. It’s hoped that in the not too distant future, users will be able to experience pulses and vibrations from machinery that is linked to the virtual images to create an immersive adult experience.

Adult games such as VirtuaDolls, which has yet to be released, offers a teledildonic sleeve that allows users to feel vibrations and contractions as they use it. Each purchase of this sex robot comes with a copy of a video game to accompany the device, where the main character saves women from treacherous situations only to be rewarded with sexual favours.

The game has proven to be so popular, even before it’s release, that the manufacturer has had to take it off the market to keep up with initial supply orders.

However, it’s not just sex that has people interested. As know-how grows and the ability to create digital characters that have more in depth personalities improves, people may look to this type of technology for a virtual reality girlfriend or boyfriend. An advancement as large as this could even completely eradicate the need for human interaction for some.

There is the troubling thought that with this much access to virtual worlds, people may find themselves unable to interact in real settings. Futurist Ray Kurzweil stated in 2003 that by the 2030s we will have access to completely believable virtual reality that will cause us to spend most of our time in virtual environments.

If this kind of prediction is to be believed, the world could be a very different place within 20 years.

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While the idea that adult virtual reality games and virtual porn may explode, these areas are still often thought of as taboo in society. Adult entertainment, no matter how popular it may be, has never experienced mainstream notoriety due to the secretive nature of many viewers.

This type of approach may also limit how much adult content we see with virtual reality, whether it’s virtual world gaming or pornographic videos. Even if it were to increase in popularity, the technology just isn’t there yet to provide users with enough of an experience to leave their real lives behind.

When virtual worlds do become realistic enough to entice everyday people to them, we may see a shift with how humans interact with each other. If the predictions are correct, our reliance on virtual interactions could completely change our means of communication forever.