5 VR Apps That Change the Game

The advancements made with virtual reality recently probably wouldn’t have been as popular if it weren’t for our amazing smartphones. These small wonders have the ability to screen HD videos from the palm of our hand, making them the ideal source for experiencing VR.

VR devices such as the popular Google Cardboard make enjoying this technology a very real and affordable thing, as users can simply connect the simple device to their phone and enjoy the fun.

Playing games, watching movies, even creating your own immersive experiences is all possible with these simple tools, making virtual reality finally accessible to the masses. Here are a few of our top picks for best VR apps that look set to change the game.


With a new section devoted to amazing 360-degree videos and VR experiences, YouTube has hours of entertainment available for those who want to see what all the fuss is about. With access to videos about nature, travel, music, and even horror stories, there’s something for everyone here.


Get the YouTube app on your smartphone and marvel at the range of videos they have available, including space launches and 360-degree concerts complete with surround audio. The best thing is, it’s completely free to download and simple to use.

Star Wars

In case you’ve been living under a rock recently, you might have missed the commotion over the new Star Wars film. The release of their VR app for iPhone and Android covers everything you could ever need to know as well as a bunch of fun activities too.

Poster of new Star Wars Movie

Jakku Spy allows you to immerse yourself completely in the Google Cardboard VR viewer to experience life as a Resistance Secret Agent living in the dessert. In addition, this app has access to emojis, a lightsaber battle game, and notifications on anything related to Star Wars.

Proton Pulse

This 3D arcade game lets the player break bricks and take names in a whole new approach to a retro classic. Proton Pulse immerses the player in this virtual world as you’re tasked with an epic game of paddleboard to help save the galaxy.

With intense visuals and exciting music, there are over 30 levels to play in this exciting game. You can spend hours lost in the virtual world and enjoy this arcade style game like you never thought possible. It’s highly addictive and a steal at just $2.40 from the Google Play store.


If you’re looking for a game to share with others, BombSquad can provide hours of multiplayer entertainment. This is another great arcade style game that challenges players in a range of mini adventures such as capture the flag or hockey, all the while blowing things and each other up. The ragdoll physics of the game coupled with the fun, colourful graphics make for a very entertaining experience.

You will need an additional controller to enjoy this game, such as a gamepad or a second device running the app, but it’s well worth the effort. BombSquad is a fun adventure that you can play with all of your friends as you try to blow each other up, and did we mention it features ninjas and pirates?

Fulldive VR

This app is a little different to the standard videos or games we’ve seen here, as it acts like a navigation platform for a range of different virtual reality experiences.

Fulldive lets users view a range of media including 360 photos, videos, and even browse the internet in VR mode. This app also allows users to capture their own photos and videos in VR to share with others or to create their own content.

Continually improving and updating, new features to the Fulldive app include the ability to stream from your computer and compatibility with popular streaming services Hulu and Netflix. This app is definitely a game-changer in the world of virtual reality and there’s no telling where it could progress to next.

The Verdict

Gaming on your smartphone has just been taken to a whole new level with the introduction of VR. Who would have thought that something as simple as a pair of cardboard goggles could transport you to another reality through your phone?

Oculus Rift Easy to Use

For something a little different, why not check out some of the amazing VR videos and experiences available online to fully appreciate the wonder that this new technology can bring. Either way, there are hours of fun available at your hands and all you need is a smartphone and affordable VR viewer.